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Lagerfeld Confidentiel - un film de Rodolphe Marconi




Lagerfeld Confidentiel - un film de Rodolphe Marconi
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[ PREVIEW PARIS 07/10/2007 ]
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«For the first time Karl Lagerfeld has agreed to let someone create an artwork on his every day life and to trust in the director. Until today there is no authorised biography existing and the memories who Karl Lagerfeld would compose stay perfectly confidential.
After three years of work, and over three hundred hours of footage, Rodolphe Marconi discloses the daily life of the star through his personal lens as a filmmaker.»

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production notes

« Rodolphe Marconi isn’t a polemic and rejects the style of television investigations. He offers with “Lagerfeld Confidential” an unexpected, original approach as an artist.»
«He deconstructs the documentary style; he chooses not to be polemical; he show no insolence or disrespect and concentrates on what he feels as an artist about the Lagerfeld legend.»

Grégory Bernard

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« This film is something not real :  It’s something not real about reality. And I think Rodolphe got it in a very modern pointing way. »

« There’s a poetic modd ; there’s a poetry in Rodolph’s vision. »

« I have too much respect for Rodolphe to say « show me this, show me the rushes… », nothing, anything. I knew his work and I wanted a surprise and it was a good one. »

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«Generosity and humor, derision and intransigence, a lucidity perturbing : these are the first words I’m thinking speaking of Karl Lagerfeld.»

«In the moment when starting the shooting, I knew that it would always be dangerous to be fascinated  by somebody or admire someone. You imagine at which point I was excited : to be the first to film Karl Lagerfeld in his everyday life ! I forced myself to be prudent but finally I have never been disappointed, quite the contrary. I never thought that it would be possible to get so close to someone’s intimacy.»

«I have shown the film to Karl two weeks after the final editing ; it was the same version that you will see today : he has changed nothing. There was no censorship imposed upon me during the editing.

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