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Lagerfeld Confidentiel - un film de Rodolphe MarconiLagerfeld Confidentiel - un film de Rodolphe Marconi




[ production notes ]

Lagerfeld Confidentiel is an untypical film because of its exceptional conditions. Karl Lagerfeld  immediately had confidence in the young director. Furthermore the production has given him the whole freedom and resources to carry out the project at its best and without institutional financing.

Karl Lagerfeld perfectly controls his image et one can ask whether a director would succeed in conceiving the personality of this image-guru.
This feature film is not just another film about fashion or “appearances”. But Rodolphe Marconi isn’t a polemic and rejects the style of television investigations. He offers with “Lagerfeld Confidential” a precise and sensitive approach as an artist.

Marconi demonstrates with “Lagerfeld Confidential” his instinct, sensibility and originality. He offers an unexpected and poetic approach as an artist. He demonstrates a delicate and subtle touch by deconstructing the documentary style and the conventions of portraiture; he chooses not to be polemical; he will show no insolence or disrespect. He rejects the style of television investigations and concentrates on what he feels as an artist about the Lagerfeld legend. Rodolphe therefore seems to support the thoughts, taste, and sense of humour or philosophy of the fashion icon. He is however never complaisant and his fascination doubles with his own personnel judgement.

Rodolphe Marconi does not apply the documentary demonstration techniques; instead, he allows the viewer to decide for himself. He « extends » the subject without retention, he shares all facets of his life.
He shows very clearly how much the master controls his image; Karl Lagerfeld reveals his multiple surfaces:

“I don’t want to be a reality in people’s life, I want to be like an apparition”.

Lagerfeld Confidential is a « mise en abîme » of the documentary and the portrait. It interrogates the contemporary cinema, capable of oscillating between his two extremes: reality image and the fashion image. 

Karl Lagerfeld’s hidden faces have to be skimmed over and we will be moved. They can never be revealed. His life is a work of art: he has created an image … and has merged with it.