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Lagerfeld Confidentiel - un film de Rodolphe MarconiLagerfeld Confidentiel - un film de Rodolphe Marconi




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How was the experience for you to see the movie in front of an audience ?
Very different. It’s very strange. Because the film is very different because the last time Rodolphe filmed was a year ago. I saw the movie a few months ago.  With the feeling « it’s not the same movie ». This one is much better ! And also, there’s the feeling…it’s me !  And … it’s not the same person anymore. I watch myself without thinking « that’s myself ». It’s very strange.

I must say he filmed…everything is beautiful…, it’s not a banal, classic movie, it’s not about a person and his work…I look, really, like someone who’s never working… I liked it ! It’s something not real about reality. And I think he got it in a very modern pointing way.

How was it for you to meet Rodolphe Marconi. Why did you have confidence in him ?
Well, he’s kind of childish looking, so you can feel safe…Maybe he can be mean too, I don’t know… Yes, I’ve seen his films, it’s not from nowhere, it wasn’t a discovery in the sense… but I couldn’t imagine how it would be. I don’t remember seeing a film like that, because it’s not the work of a person, it’s about a person’s life, or the idea of a person’s life, because it’s a very strange person, this movie, you don’t know exactly where it was filmed…there, there, there, in a way, a poetic mood… there’s a poetry in Rodolphe’s vision. Because my life isn’t so poetic, but in this movie, there’s another dimension, what daily life may not give to myself, but in an image, it looks quite beautiful.
You have to be very professional, to be able to improvise. It’s right for me. I think it was right for Rodolphe for his movie too.

Gregory Bernard (Producer)
There was no influence or intervention on Rodolphe’s work, either by Mr Lagerfeld or by myself. There was none. We had confidence in him and wanted to get surprised by the final work.
There were also two important phases in the movie, the first phase was where Mr Lagerfeld gave his choice to Rodolphe as he shot. My intervention was after that where I gave his choice, because he edited in a black room. I discovered the film maybe two weeks before Mr Lagerfeld, when it was already done.

Karl Lagerfeld
I’m very much against it, it would be a kind of documentary commissionned by me, that’s the last thing I’d want to do. No, if you accept to have a movie made about you, you have to follow the rules of decent creativity and decent freedom, otherwise you cannot do it. I have too much respect for Rodolphe to say « show me this, show me the rushes… », nothing, anything. I knew his work and I wanted a surprise and it was a good one.